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* Prices valid from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


*All prices have a 10% surcharge on the Terrace

Coffee & Beverages

Espresso 1,40€
Ristretto 1,40€
Espresso Macchiato 1,55€
Machiatto 1,55€
Coffee and Milk 1,80€
Double Espresso 2,20€
Cappuccino 2,70€
Caffè Americano 1,70€
Latte 2,70€
Cafe Bombon 2,70€
“Carajillo” 2,30€
“Carajillo” Special 2,50€
“Trifásico” 2,40€
Flat White  2,80€
Shakeratto 4€
Hot Chocolate 3,70€
Swiss Hot Chocolate 4€
Irish Coffee 5,30€


Still water 2,20€
Soda water 2,60€
Coca cola 2,70€
Coca cola zero 2,70€
Ginger Beer 2,70€
Lemon or Orange Shweppes 2,80€
Tonic Shweppes 2,80€
Nestea 3€
Aquarius 3€
Bitter Kas 2,80€
Cacaolat 3,15€
Seven up 3€
Home-made Lemonade 3,70€
Bottle fruit juice 2,40€
Small natural orange juice 3,00€
Big natural orange juice 5,00€
Smoothies 5,80€
Frappe 6,30€


Estrella Small 1,90€
Estrella Cup 2,40€
Estrella Jar 3,80€
Turia Small 2,30€
Turia Cup 3,00€
Turia Jar 4,90€
Damm Lemon (Beer + Lemonade) Small 2,20€
Damm Lemon Cup 2,60€
Damm Lemon Jar 4,60€
Bottle Estrella 2,70€
Bottle Voll-Damm 3,00€
Coronita 3,20€
Desperados 4,20€
Free Damm (Non-alcoholic) 2,70€
Daura Damm glutten free 3,50€

Vermut & Other drinks

Home Vermut 3,50€
Martini 4,50€
Vermut Marinero 4,80€

Tinto de Verano 4,50€
Aperol 5,50€
Wine Sangría Cup 6,50€
Cava Sangría Cup 7,50€

Food Menu

*All prices have a 10% surcharge on the Terrace.


Cafè del Born potatoes “Bravas” €5.9

Hummus del Cafè €5.9
With fresh crudités and Lansaman (Moroccan artisan bread)

Homemade Croquettes
(Minimum order 4 units)
With Chicken €1.70  / U
With mushrooms €1.70 / U

Plate of special “bellota” cured ham €13

Guacamole with corn chips €7.9

“Pimientos del Padrón”
Fried green Little peppers €5.50

Potatoe Salad with mayonnaise
With peaks €5.90

Chicken wings €6.90

Plate with selection of french cheeses
Accompanied with Chutney and mini toasts €16.8

Sweer bread rubbed with tomatoes  €3.90

To accompany the vermouth

Stuffed olives €3,20

Mixed olives €3,20

Toasted Corn Mix €2.20

Crisps €2.70


Chicken, Parmesan, mixed salad leaves, chery tomatoes, croutons and Caesar sauce €9.5

Lentils, mango, avocado, canons, sesame seeds, linen, chia and pumpkin €9

Caprese Salad
Mozzarella with basil, tomato, black olives and Pesto €9.50

Goat cheese
Mezclum, cherry tomatoes, candied quince, gratinated goat cheese and sweet vinaigrette €9.50


Classic Burger
150gr of meat with lettuce, tomato and cheese with glass bread. Served with fried potatoes €10.5

Vegetable Burger
Chickpea with confit onion, yogurt sauce and pita bread €9

Shrimps and vegetables Tempura
With Sushi-Zu dressing € 9,60

Cafe Salmon tartar €11

Roman-Style Squid €8,00

Grilled Squid €9,50

Beef carpaccio €9.50

Prawn Ceviche from The Café 10,50€

Our sandwiches
(Made with fresh coca bread)

Iberic cured Ham
Small €6 / Large €8

Manchego cheese
Small €3,30 / Large €5,50

Cured Ham
Small €3,30 / Large €5,50

Cured pork sausage
Small €3,30 / Large €5,50

Fresh Ham
Small €3,30 / Large €5,50

Specials and classics sandwiches

Bikini €4,30

Majorcan Bikini
Toasted sandwich with cured pork and paprika sausage with cheese €5,30

*Sweet bread supplement + €2

Mozzarella, green pesto, roasted aubergine and semi-dried tomato 7,50€

Cafe Vegan Sandwich €8.50
Roasted aubergine, onion, Heura, arugula and oriental carrot sauce

Salmon Bagel €7,50

Iberian ham truffle sandwich €10.50

Toast with sardines, aragula and candied lemon 9,50€

Toast with artichoke, aragula and dried tomatoes   8.50€

Toast with artichoke, mozzarella, aragula and dried tomatoes  9.50€

Toast with iberian ham, brie, aragula and truffle 10,50€


Brownie €4

Carrot cake €5

Cheese cake 5€

Lemon Merengue pie €6

* More cakes depending on the season. Ask the waiter.


*All prices have a 10% surcharge on the Terrace.

The Formula


Coffe, tea or still mineral water:

With croissant (made with butter) €2.90

With deli meat sandwich €3.80

With special sandwich €4,70

Non-dairy milk + €0.20
Double meato or cheese + €1
Soft drink + €0.50

Brunch Pack

DAILY 9.00 – 13.00

Sweet: €12
Coffee or tea
Natural orange juice
Yogurt with muesli and honey
Toast or croissant with butter and mermelade

Savoury: €16
Coffee or tea
Natural orange juice
Yogurt with muesli and honey

Option 1: Scrambled eggs with emmental or bacon
Option 2: Bagel with fresh cheese and salmon

Special breakfast sandwiches

Avocado, sprouts, tomato and pesto €4,50

Sweet ham, lettuce, tomato and sweet mustard €4,00€

Manchego, arugula and tomato €4,00€

Fresh cheese, dried tomato, arugula and honey €4,00€

Weekend scrambled eggs


Scrambled eggs on toast of farmer’s bread with avocado, cherry tomato, sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds €10,70
• Emmental cheese €1.5
• Bacon €2

Scrambled eggs on farmer’s toast with spinach and sprouts, avocado, sesame salmon and pumpkin seeds €11,20€

Scrambled eggs with pancakes and maple syrup €10
• Emmental cheese €1.5
• Bacon €2


Croissant €1.8

Croissant stuffed with nutella €2.7

Croissant with butter and mermelade €3

Croissant ironed and stuffed with ham and cheese €3.2

“Pain au chocolat” €2

Toast with tomato and olive oil €2,20

Toast with butter and mermelade €3

Toast with ham and cheese €3,50

Rye bread toasted with avocado, tomato, toasted sesame, chia and nuts €5,30

Veggie toast with peanut butter, banana, chia seeds and cocoa nibs €6.5

Seasonal fruit bowl €4,30

Greek yogurt bowl with fresh seasonal fruit and honey or jam €4,30
*Vegan option oatmeal and soybean €5

Greek yogurt bowl with muesli, jam and fresh fruit €5.90
*Vegan option oatmeal and soybean €6

Açaí bowl with banana, mango, blueberries, strawberries and muesli €8,50

Pancakes with strawberries, blueberries and cream with agave syrup €7,50

Scrambled eggs with toast €6,40
• Emmental €1.5
• Bacon €2

Bagel with salmon, philadelphia cheese, alfalfa, pepper €7,50

Basic bagel +
butter and jam or nutella, or cream cheese, or peanut butter, or rubbed with tomato €4,80